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December 2023 Edition

Welcome everyone! 2023 has been a definitive year with all 10 Books having been finalized. They are currently available on MEOP.COM and Amazon. 
Website: MEOP.COM and the links to Amazon and YouTube have also been updated. The “2023 MeoPian Yardstick Literary Contest” was suspended until next year. We will begin accepting submissions for the “2024 MeoPian Yardstick Literary Contest” on 1 September 2024.
Best Wishes, MeoP The Pennyless Poet.

December 2022 Edition

Welcome everyone! 2022 has been a prolific year. Several stories were finalized and links to Amazon and YouTube were established. A new video was filmed and “The Meopian Yardstick Literary Contest” was a success. Erich Rebuck is the winner. His winning statement is printed below. We will begin accepting submissions for the “2023 Meopian Yardstick” Literary Contest” on 1 September 2023.
Best Wishes, MeoP The Pennyless Poet

Who Is To Say I Am Nothing

Who is to say I am nothing, when down deep there are no losers! My one voice speaking with such incredible wisdom must be deemed something. Anyone knowing good advice, having positive self-esteem, may enjoy a successful life. All shall win this way, so never give up on your hopes, dreams and promises. Take care of the days we endure. Cherish them. Nobody can live better than you. Our reward comes later. God bless everyone! Bye for now. -King Erich. – 82 Words

Origin Of Original Thought

*333 different words are used in the following passages. Not a single word is repeated.*

Original Thought transcends normal comprehension. It defines a realm of inspired consciousness. These moments endowed with fulfillment, can not be forced, hurried, learned or taught. Profound events just happen. They are mystical in nature. True transcendental manifestations eclipse rational explanations, fascinating poets and sages. Shamans explore undiscovered worlds, hidden yet zealously examined before disappearing. Childhood memories haunt daily private walks, effortlessly exposing ethereal glimpses. De’ja’vu lingers long after drenching rains banish hot summer suns.

Perhaps self reflection will sometimes facilitate enlightened visions, but cannot provide any guarantee for epiphany revelations. Inventions require innovations, propelling revolutionary breakthroughs. Academic study produces educated scholars, however pathetically lacks unique tangible results, missing total victory over rhetorical, mundane pursuits. Philosophic arguments do thrive when confronted by esoteric occurrences, demanding answers so desperately needed to quell compelling questions, deeply associated alongside unsubstantiated claims.

Verifiable proof eludes complete disclosure. Attaining undeniable, non-refutable evidence, proving anonymous creator’s existence seems remote. Molecules randomly bounce within spheres, spewing mysterious encounters. Concurrently, God’s inherent essential essence precludes microcosmic involvement touching ordinary lives.

Calculating anomaly permutations thus ascertains selection/arrangement options. Formula; NPR=N!/(N,R)! NCR(N,R) measures outcome variances between choices. Dark Matter/Energy could illuminate some inquiries, retaining first impulse cataclysmic responsibility. Epistemology awaits Metaphysical Thinking, spawning pronounced ecstasy based imaginations. Finally, rapturous glimmers proclaim promising timeless truths.

Now, where is the unanimous agreement on establishing frameworks that promote universal understanding, stretching arbitrary limits beyond fundamentally constrained paradigms? Models expressing blurred futuristic opportunities, alarmingly forecast desolate times ahead. Charlatans wrongly admonish our sensibilities, simultaneously propagating distain. Linguistic shortcomings perpetually hinder vindictive humanity somehow sharing mutual acceptance.

Disciplines such as Music, Science, Literature, furnish healthy outlets, explicitly motivating robust artistic exploration. Mozart, Shakespeare, Einstein, were thrown into magical domains, further influencing hard work, which expanded their eventual prolific accomplishments.

(Supersonic idiotic braindefective dobedobe dumbdumb) contains nonsensical utterances, excluded from coherent dialogue. Gibberish ramblings, born spiritually destitute upon barren minds. More soulless, meaningless chatter ushered forward without merit. Hence, unite fellow searchers against blasphemy, embracing significant dreams, while enduring individual quests toward creative knowledge. – 333 Words

How Long is Forever

How long is forever? Broadcasters claim that famous athletes will be remembered forever.! Do they mean for 100 years or even more? What is a reasonable amount of time for fame to last? Does anyone remember the most famous athletes in Ancient Rome? What happened to their legacies? To quote an Ancient Poet as he whispers to a Victorious General; “Remember Sir, all glory is fleeing!” Since all glory is fleeing, perhaps forever is actually not that long.
MeoP the Pennyless Poet

June 2022 Edition
  1. The preponderance of evidence indicates corruption.
  2. The preponderance of political policy is partisan.
  3. The preponderance of social media is biased.
  4. The preponderance of people want their children safe.
  5. The preponderance of people want sensible gun control.
  6. The preponderance of people support abortion.
  7. The preponderance of people support legalized marijuana.
  8. The preponderance of worldwide people are hungry.
  9. The preponderance of people want social change.
  10. The preponderance of my thoughts are frustrated.

When will Liberty be determined by the preponderant Will of the People, thus overcoming the objection of the smaller few? Perhaps, only when the Divided Preponderant become the Preponderant United. MeoP The Pennyless Poet