Literary Contest

A Literary Contest

A Literary means for measuring Poetic Ability

The MeoPian Yardstick

The power of ones poetic wit can be keenly proven and accurately measured by simply displaying an inherent ability to prolifically write lengthy passages as complete sentences or for that matter whole paragraphs without repeating a single word. I therefore extend sincere encouragement, welcoming anyone so inspired toward matching this literary achievement which contains seventy unique symbols. It could have been longer,
but why bother? Just more useless points. Okay!

70 Words

*Not a single word is repeated in the MeoPian Yardstick’s prose.*

Contest Rules:

Contestants are to craft lengthy meaningful statements without repeating a single word. The winner will be the contestant that utilizes the most words in a meaningful statement without repeating a word. Please include a total word count after the statement, as shown above.

Submissions will be accepted annually from September 1st – November 30th. The winner will be announced annually in December. A cash prize of $100.00 U.S. Dollars will be awarded, along with publication of the winning statement in the MeoPian Publishing Newsletter.

Submissions must be sent to the following email address

Contest is open to all natural persons that have achieved 18 years of age. Furthermore, the contest is only open to English Language Submissions. Other languages may administer their own contests. The evaluation of all submissions are subject to the discretion of MeoPian Publishing. Any submitted material deemed to be obscene, offensive, or inciteful in any way, regardless of word count, will not be printed by MeoPian Publishing. All decisions on contest winners are final.

Void where prohibited by law.